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20June 2018

Decorating on a Budget

Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization or you’re searching for budget-friendly wedding decor ideas, today’s post will help you begin your design journey. Decorating on a budget can be a challenge, but sometimes the limitation of funds can result in creative choices that are truly interesting and innovative. Not to mention, a budget forces you to simplify, and we all know that less is often more when it comes to event decorating. Keep reading and discover how to get started, where to look for affordable decor ideas, and how to use strategic thinking to your advantage…

Getting Started

Perhaps you love design and you volunteered to head up the decorating committee for your organization’s big event. Or maybe you’re completely overwhelmed by the idea of making a decorative statement on a budget. Don’t fret! Start by asking yourself if a theme could be helpful as you plan.

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