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20June 2018

Decorating on a Budget

Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization or you’re searching for budget-friendly wedding decor ideas, today’s post will help you begin your design journey. Decorating on a budget can be a challenge, but sometimes the limitation of funds can result in creative choices that are truly interesting and innovative. Not to mention, a…

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23December 2017

Planning a Corporate Event

What is the most valuable resource for any company? The employees. People are what separates a successful company, from ones unable to adapt to changing times, or execute to reach ambitious goals. Event planners whether they’re in-house or are brought in as consultants plays a critical role in bringing value from a company’s people.Corporate events…

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20April 2017

Event Decor Principles

Dazzling Entrances First impressions are the most lasting, so get your guests’ attention right away with an impressive entrance. There are countless options to choose from, but high-end entertainment and luxury style décor are always going to be crowd pleasers, regardless of the event type. Creating Scenes Creating scenes that incorporate snippets of different themes…

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