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Destined Enterprises was formed with the aim of providing reliable and affordable event management solutions, services and supplies to facilitate superior functions. Our aim is to increase collaboration with the client through ensuring we deliver more that we promise. This way we are able to establish confidence and life relationship with our clients who are our ONLY reason of existence.

Benefits of Our Proposed Plan
When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing us are:

– Improvement in business model
– Short completion time
– Provide a modern suitable concept of your event
– Monthly cost savings

Our Principles

Win by ‘Failing Faster’
We believe that passionate, creative, emotionally intelligent people who are willing to ‘fail faster’ are also apt to succeed sooner especially when it comes to solving customers’ most complex and challenging business puzzles.

Best Idea Wins
Our culture has little regard for politics and no tolerance for intolerance. Whether the issue under consideration is internal company policy or a customer’s application, collaboration is the rule and the best idea wins.

Being ‘meta-cognitive’ means having a lucid understanding of what you know and what you don’t know. By populating Platinum Credit Ltd with meta-cognitive people, we ensure that We are constantly building toward a collective knowledge resource that is at one expansive, integrated, and complete.

Competitive Advantages
The following are competitive advantages that differentiate us from the other providers:

– Expertise and stability-high knowledge workforce
– Customer service-accountability, instant feedback
– Innovation-ensuring that you always enjoy the most up-to-date solutions
– Time-an ongoing and significant commitment to executing the activities with efficiency